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Music IP & Stakeholders
First published Apr 2020 and updated Nov 2021

Issues, articles, and case law

This is a casebook for an undergraduate / graduate course that covers music's intellectual property rights, art contracts, arts negotiations, and the constituent music industry stakeholders. The current online version is, in all cases, the best version.

While this is *not* a law course, it is a course about certain laws and how the formation, application, and manipulation of those laws determine power relationships between parties with interests that may align but at times compete. Credit must go to Chris Bavitz at Harvard Law, whose original casebook was the inspiration for what I've compiled here. 

Each section corresponds with a module in the class. Those modules, other readings, and the assignments for the class are available on the Wayne State University Canvas site

NB: This casebook is licensed under a creative commons license, although that license likely does not apply to the articles linked herein.