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Asian Americans and U.S. Law Casebook
First published Jan 2022 and updated Jul 2022

Yale 2022

        This coursebook was created to support a course examining the experience of Asians and Asian Americans at various points in United States history.  Three main areas of focus are immigration in the early 20th century, World War II, and the early 21st century.

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        This casebook would not be possible without the assistance of Kaylyn Fagan.  Kaylyn did the hard work in fulfilling my vision for this casebook.

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        To other faculty - this casebook is yours to clone, revise, and make your own.  I only request that you continue to credit those whose work is included here and please let me know how you have improved upon it.  I hope this casebook can serve as the inspiration for other courses exploring the treatment of Asians and Asian Americans in the United States.