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New York Domestic Relations Law Fall 2020
First published Jul 2020

A guide to Family Law In New York

Welcome DRL Students at CUNY School of Law!

This is our main text for our class, and will be a resource you use all semester.

Remember - this is an overview course - we are looking at many aspects of New York family law, and, as such, we are thinking broadly (rather than going deeply into any one area).  

As we progress through the semester, think about how the various aspects of family law interact with one another, and how the law evolves to stay up to date with changes of societal norms.  How might a particular law have a disparate impact on people in one socio-economic group or another?  The LGBT+ community? BiPOC? Unmarried folks?  etc. 

The course (and therefore, this casebook), is designed to give you a sense of the scope of family law, an introduction to its basic concepts, and familiarity with how each of its aspects work together.

There will be opportunities for reflection and reaction throughout the class - I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Joy Rosenthal

August 2020