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First published May 2022 and updated Aug 2023

Provides a comprehensive understanding of U.S. immigration law and policies. Covers a broad range of topics using a variety of resources such as news articles and media. Fosters critical thinking through hypothetical scenarios. Updates on changes in law and policy.

The author, Hemanth C. Gundavaram, is a clinical professor, director of clinical programs, and associate dean of experential education at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. A frequent public speaker on immigration law, he has appeared on Fox News (Tucker Carlson Tonight), NPR (All Things Considered), WCVB (CityLine), NECN (The Take) and WGBH (Greater Boston). He has been quoted in various news outlets, including Politico, USA Today, Politifact and The Christian Science Monitor. Professor Gundavaram is the co-founder and director of the school’s Immigrant Justice Clinic. In the clinic, with the assistance of student attorneys, he represents non-citizen clients in their claims for asylum, permanent residence, release from immigration detention and other forms of relief. He also teaches immigration law and administrative law.