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CopyrightX: Turin U (Syllabus)
First published Feb 2015

This syllabus includes materials specifically designed for the Turin U. Affiliate of Harvard CopyrightX. It is a resource aiming at blending together US and European legislation and case law, still maintaining a special emphasis on the US legal framework. References to some other jurisdictions have been included as well, especially as far as digital copyright cases are concerned. A few doctrinal pieces complete the syllabus. The syllabus features mandatory readings and OPTIONAL readings, which are still very relevant but not an absolute priority in preparation for class. Additionally, the syllabus includes short SUMMARIES for some selected cases. They may come in the form of annotated text or external links to blog posts. Finally, an ADDITIONAL READINGS section will be added to most of the topics listed in the syllabus. These sections should serve as first-aid database for deepening the understanding of a specific topic. Please appreciate that this is a work in progress that will be constantly updated, especially with summaries and additional readings.