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Cybersecurity 101: Three-Part Introductory Section
First published Jul 2012

Overview and Objectives

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals Section is designed to provide a foundational overview that can be utilized in the first classes of most cybersecurity courses. It aims to introduce critical terms and ideas in three distinct, but often overlapping realms: Infrastructure & Technology, including types of vulnerability; Governance, both domestically and internationally; and Conceptual Issues, including Fundamental Characteristics of Cybersecurity.

This syllabus is divided into three separate chapters or modules in order allow for flexible course design depending on the students’ background and the course’s purpose; these chapters can work together or be picked apart and used separately, according to how deeply the instructor wishes to dive into each particular topic area. We have adopted an inclusive and maximalist approach by presenting a broad range of potential pieces that could fit into each module; as we solicit feedback from professors, we will curate the modules to reflect Required Readings and Recommended Readings, or selected list that are reflective of the preferences of a particular course or professor. Each unit lists some experts from who we could solicit feedback on the curriculum, based on syllabi found in the dropbox.