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Topics in Financial Regulation: Consumer and Investor Protection
First published Jan 2015

Spring 2015
Professor Howell E. Jackson
Harvard Law School
Office: Griswold 510
Email Address:
Class Meetings: Mondays & Tuesday: 1:20 to 2:50 pm [Note: Class will not meet the week of February 9th and the week of March 30th will be the last week of classes.]
Classroom: WCC 3018
Office Hours: Friday Afternoons, 3:00 to 5:00 pm, and by Appointment.
Please contact my assistant, Carole Mason at for scheduling

This course will take up a series of topics in financial regulation, with an emphasis on consumer and investor protection. For the most part the course focus will be on emerging areas of law where either regulatory standards or legal doctrines are in flux. Among other things, coverage is designed to introduce students to a range of regulatory strategies and to develop an appreciation of the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. A subsidiary theme will be to encourage students to think analytically about their own financial goals and challenges. A tentative outline of course coverage appears below.

Students enrolled in the course will be expected to undertake a modest research assignment over the course of the semester. Typically two students will be assigned to work on each research paper. These assignments will, for the most part, be related to topics covered in the class, although students may choose to take on different topics with permission of the instructor. There will also be a short take-home examination distributed at the end of the semester. Readings for the course will come from a variety of sources, including excerpts from Michael Barr, Howell Jackson & Margaret Tahyar, Financial Regulation: Law and Policy (forthcoming Foundation Press 2016), plus occasional policy problems and various primary sources. Readings will be distributed through the Canvas website and an associated H2O playlist.