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Casebook Credits History Find
Civil Procedure 2021
First published Mar 2021 and updated Sep 2022


I first undertook this project in the summer of 2013 with the hope of helping students avoid the high costs of textbooks, generating content that could be used and improved upon by others, and tailoring my materials to my own needs. In 2021 we undertook a major revision I hope you will enjoy and disseminate it widely. This project is a team one and many people deserve credit.

First, the H20 team for helping to create this product and teach me to use it: Catherine Brabston, Dustin Lewis, Emily Ellis, Matthew McKay‎ and Shailin Thomas. 

Second, my team of RAs/TAs who helped me edit materials, generate new content, etc. They are: Jerry Cedrone, Jenny Du, Jeremy Feigenbaum, Laura Myron, Ashwin Phatak, Veronica Sauer, Niko Paladino, Azucena Marquez, and Diego Negron-Reichard. 

Third, for this version, William Locke led and coordinated the team of RAs in editing materials and contributed to improving and updating this casebook. He was in every respect my co-pilot for the project, and I thank him immensely.

Finally, I thank my colleagues Bill Rubenstein and Jim Greiner for sharing their materials with me when I first started teaching this course – much of how I teach it is inspired by them.


- I. Glenn Cohen