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Topics in Data Privacy
First published Jul 2020

Here is a collection of readings analyzing different data privacy issues. Notice, there is not much legal material here. It is mostly commentary. Our goal, for each class, is to find out how these issues relate to the law, and how we can use existing legal schemes and ideas to create and enforce laws that govern data access and privacy.


In short, we will read the interesting commentary outside of class, and break down the tough legal issues raised by the commentary together in class (and together on Slack).


For each class, you can read the selected readings/materials below, or you can suggest and read other on-point materials. A few of these pieces are so central to our discussions that you won't want to skip/substitute them. I will tell you when one of the assigned pieces is a "must read." If you find another on-point piece to read, share it in our Slack discussion and I may add it to this collection.


In class, we will approach what we read as lawyers - we will look at the relevant laws together and consider what kinds of regulatory systems we'd propose to impove the data access and privacy status quo. If there are areas of data privacy and access governance that are already ideal, we can discuss why, and look at the laws that help sustain the status quo.