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Copyright, Fair Use, and Music Licensing Playlist
First published Apr 2016

Harvard Law School H20 ProjectGroup Members: Casey Ek, Toni Marie Peake, Elise Smith & Leo Versel*Set Browser to Open All Links in New Tabs to Allow for a More Seemless Experience and Easier Navigation. Thank you. With online music platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Youtube sweeping the music industry, music law is becoming an increasingly nuanced issue. This page is designed to be a digestion of the matters of copyright and fair use as it pertains to music sampling, licensing and parody. This website is designed to be a tool one can use to obtain all information regarding the topics previously listed.We have annotated primary sources, which include case laws and summaries. Additionally, online expert source materials, which have also been annotated, provide analysis and further discussion of various aspects of the cases and concepts of which they involve.Our team has even created various legal hypotheticals to encourage class discussion on these pertinent issues in communication law. We have augmented the nuts and bolts of our playlist with outside videos, recordings, and interviews with the parties involved. Overall, we hope that this Playlist serves as an educational tool that will enhance knowledge and provoke further discussion, that will hopefully result in  these issues receiving greater attention and awareness.(Audio Visual Material)